Hulu was looking for a campaign that showcased their huge library of content and also tapped into the passion Hulu fans have for their favorite shows.

So we created The Hulu Motel...A (fictionalish) place where fans can go to get their content fix. No judgement. No questions asked. Whether you’re into true crime murder mysteries, shonen anime, or shlocky reality shows, you can find it all at the Hulu motel. 

In addition to our hero and social films, we also brought the motel to life with a pop-up experience teeming with easter eggs from fan favorite Hulu shows  


Produced @ Anomaly LA
CCO / Josh Fell
CDs / Mindy Benner, Daniel Chen, Brian Moore
Copywriter / Max Schein, Adam Tetreault
Art Director / Johnross Post, James Moslander