The year was 2013. The internet was in its rebellious teenage years. Tik Tok didn’t exist. The ferver around AI, cryptocurrency, and NFTs had yet to take hold of the public zeitgeist. 4 bright eyed advertising creatives in Chicago were being tasked with one of their first assignments. To create content for KFC’s UGC campaign, “How do you KFC?”...and this... is what we created. 
These “films” ran on KFC’s official youtube (they stayed up for years) and should probably be in a textbook somewhere for how to not advertise food.

We scripted, filmed and edited them in a tiny office using 4 day old chicken. I love them so much.



Produced @ FCB Chicago
Producer / Joe & Dee
Copywriter + Chin / Matt Everts
Copywriter + Best Boy / Alf Zapata
Art Director + D’angelo / Conor Clarke 
Art Director + Werewolf / Johnross Post